Mike Blanchard Photography

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As a long time amateur photographer I'm passionate about this craft and dedicated to a continuing exploration of this wonderful medium of expression. I began many years ago when, as a teenager, I received my first camera.....a Polaroid Swinger.  I continued shooting film for many years and even studied photography formally for a short time before Uncle Sam interrupted that plan. My learning really didn't begin until much later in life though.  With internet accessibility to early photo sharing sites I was now exposed to the measurable criteria of online guidance and feedback.  Of course the instant results of digital media also facilitated continued learning.   It's an ongoing process.  Among my galleries you'll find landscapes, event photography (i.e. balloon festivals, music festivals, etc.), portraiture and more. Prints are available for most images.  Hope you enjoy your visit.

Contact - mikeb@mikeblanchard(dot)com


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